Popcorn Snare

10x4 Birch Snare. Adjustable room ambience, EQ and tone. Pop!

Dry Ride Ribbons

Crisp and clean, and not much green!

Hip Folding Drumset

Fits into two cases, great jazz and retro-funk tones.

Trash Crash

Warm, dark gong tone. No harshness, no dollars.

Big Swing Grand

Supremely playable. deeply sampled. dynamically accurate.

Popcorn Snare

10x4 Birch Snare with adjustable ambience and tone. Pop!

Hip Folding Drumset

Famous for fitting into two shell cases, this kit has a great sound for jazz and retro-funk.

Tom's Toms

Clean, dynamic toms. Low memory, low cost, great sound. Adjustable room sound and tuning.