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BigSwingFace Announces BSF Tenor Trombone for NI Kontakt

Atlanta, GA – December 16th, 2015 – BigSwingFace is pleased to announce BSF Tenor Trombone, the first in a series of big-band horn sample libraries for Native Instruments Kontakt. BSF Tenor Trombone was developed to address the need for playable, dynamic solo and ensemble trombone parts for use in professional arranging and composition. The library is available for immediate download at for the introductory price of $59.95.

Check out the Video Tutorials and  Audio Demo Songs.

Featuring the artistry of virtuoso trombonist Eric Alexander, this library was recorded and programmed with innovative features to bring natural expression and playability to horn section recordings:

  • Recorded with vintage ribbon microphones for classic warmth and clarity
  • More then 1200 individual samples
  • All sounds and articulations available without patch changes
  • Distinct 2nd and 3rd trombone patches for section parts avoid duplication of samples on unisons
  • Poly patch for playing chords
  • Multiple key-switched attack articulations
  • Multiple dynamics of all articulations, carefully matched to their natural volumes
  • Natural legato samples for smooth lines
  • Key-switched staccato with 4x round-robin
  • Genuine long and short swells that can be adjusted to length with MIDI controllers
  • Controllable vibrato, slides, scoops and pitch-variation
  • Two speeds of naturally recorded falls that can be adjusted in length
  • Natural lip-trills
  • Pedal or wheel-controlled crescendo and decrescendo
  • Selectable air-stop or hard (tongued) stop
  • Velocity-scaling page to customize touch response
  • All performance parameters can be automated with MIDI controllers

The included C.L.A.M.S Virtual Stage interface allows placement of each instrument in its natural location, avoiding the use of unrealistic “pan pot” mixing. This allows every instrument in your virtual ensemble to occupy a unique position in the soundstage for realistic group sound.


BSF Trombone Main Page

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Randy Hoexter


C.L.A.M.S Virtual Stage user manual

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1. Introduction

When using a sampled ensemble, one of the issues in mixing is the panning position or localization. In a real ensemble recording, each instrument sits in a different location, and when all the instruments play together, this enables them to both blend and yet remain distinct. It allows us to “focus” our hearing on a particular instrument, and it creates a wide and expansive stereo field. Continue reading

Better Samples Through Science: Big Swing Grand

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As a performing piano player and studio musician, I often have the situation of dealing with either a poorly-tuned, ill-regulated piano, or a digital piano. Even with a fine instrument, the sound or monitors are often a problem leading me to play too hard or to choose not to be heard. And, being a working keyboard player, I don’t have the luxury of having a “Keith Jarrett” moment and walking out. (or worse) Continue reading