Dry Ride Ribbons

Dry Ride Preview3

Never Trust a Shiny Cymbal.

A dark, dry ride for your jazz and other styles. Like many jazz musicians, it got hammered a lot. Recorded with stereo ribbon microphones for warmth and coherent transients. Relative volumes of the samples are accurately calibrated.

Lots of stick attack, not a lot of “wash.” Naturally placed on the right side of the stereo field for “drummer’s perspective” mixing. Stereo-reverse button to switch to “audience perspective.” *

Full decays, 14 velocities, 4x round-robin, multiple articulations; more than 400mb of dark goodness. (Kontakt file compression makes it 288mb.)

*However, it isn’t realistic to expect jazz to have an audience.

Drums and Percussion

Dry Ride Ribbons (for Kontakt 5)
Deeply-sampled, dynamically accurate dry ride cymbal recorded with ribbon microphones.
Price: $19.95

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