C.L.A.M.S. Virtual Stage

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The Convolution Localization and Ambience Modeling System, or C.L.A.M.S., is a set of custom-recorded impulse responses that allow the placement of a sampled instrument in an exact location on a stage. This allows your mix to actually recreate the physical layout of a real ensemble.

Read the user manual here.

The many impulses were recorded in studios, theaters and concert halls, with several stage arrangements. The interface allows you to select a different chair for each member of your virtual ensemble. This is greatly superior to “panpot” mixing, because each impulse incorporates the unique delay, tonal differences and reflections unique to that stage position.

Beyond the correct localization of each instrument, C.L.A.M.S. also offers several ambience, or late reflection impulses, that can be used to create a more spacious feeling in your mixes. These reverberation impulses were carefully edited to match the early reflection programs.

C.L.A.M.S is (are?) included with the Big Band Horns, and can also be purchased separately as impulse responses for use in your favorite convolution software.


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