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BSF Tenor Trombone (For Kontakt 5)
BSF Tenor Trombone (For Kontakt 5)
Real trombones for your arrangements. Expressive, accurate, versatile.
Price: $79.95
Price: $59.95

These trombone samples feature the artistry of Eric Alexander. (not pictured below)  They have been recorded and programmed to bring natural expression and playability for your horn section recordings.

  • Recorded with a vintage ribbon microphone for classic warmth and clarity
  • Multiple key-switched attack articulations
  • Multiple dynamic samples of all articulations, carefully matched to their natural volumes
  • Natural legato samples
  • Key-switched staccato
  • Genuine long and short sfz swells that can be adjusted to length with MIDI controllers
  • Controllable vibrato, slides and scoops.
  • Two speeds of naturally recorded falls that can be adjusted in length
  • Natural lip-trills
  • Pedal or wheel-controlled crescendo and decrescendo
  • Selectable air-stop or hard (tongued) stop
  • Velocity-scaling page to customize touch response
  • All performance parameters can be automated with MIDI controllers

There are three distinct patches in the library for the construction of section parts without duplication on unison parts. There is also a Poly patch for playing chords.

The included C.L.A.M.S Virtual Stage interface allows placement of each instrument in its natural location, avoiding the use of unrealistic “pan pot” mixing. This allows every instrument in your virtual ensemble to occupy a unique position in the soundstage for realistic group sound.




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